The Body I Want

So I think, while gazing critically at myself in a full-length mirror…. I have the body I want. I must, because I know how to get a different one, but I don’t do it. I like food, and sleep, and TV, and candy, and yes the gym and living healthy (blah blah blah), but life is short. No, life is life and in my book you get one go round. And chocolate is good!

So there I am looking at myself in the mirror criticizing my <fill in the offending body part du jour> and I realize, I must have the body I really want. Because it would be super easy (ish) to have a different one. A better one. One without <fill in the offending body part du jour> taunting me in the mirror.

I could go to the gym more and more regularly. I could eat fewer carbs. I could skip, cough, desert. I could drink less. I could eat less. I could… But I don’t. I do what makes me feel good. I go to the gym as often as I can and as often as I feel like it. And when I get home, I eat. Whatever I feel like.

So fuck you reflection. This is the body I want.


8 responses to “The Body I Want

  1. I could have written this exact post while eating my (second) piece of pumpkin pie last night.

    Although my reflection clearly doesn’t believe me 😉

  2. good way of expressing this – though I must admit the body I want(ed) is what I had 3 months ago after being sick – I dont want the body/belly I have now, but I did want all that food/drink/tv I have had in between – for me, wanting that food and drink does not necessarily mean I want the body that goes with it, but yes that is the body that goes with it – separating the now of chocolate ecstasy from the later of extra belly fat 🙂

    that said, I do agree with you to a degree, at least in my zen mind

  3. So, let’s see the body.

  4. ok, i am going to get that next slice of pumkin pie. 🙂

  5. On the same basis, I always hear people saying “I am too busy for that” as meaning “I don’t want to do that”.

  6. Ahhh, why would you look directly at it? You must be very brave or very thin.

  7. So when are you going to work out with me again?

  8. I couldn’t agree with that comment more!