An Employer’s Market

I’ve gotten 2 separate emails today from 2 people telling me that they have gotten laid off. Two people that I respect and that are good at their chosen professions. And this is just today. My LinkedIn account is lit up like a Christmas tree with requests. And all the while, I am working at a company that has announced pending layoffs of up to 18% of the workforce.

I’m scared of what it is like today. This is an employer’s market. There is so much talent out there right now and employers can name their salaries. 10 years ago, as potential employees, we could walk into a job interview with salary requirements, stock option benefits and sign-on bonus amount demands.

When the ax falls I wonder if I’ll be one of the people out there looking for a job and telling “the man”, no matter what I may (or may not) get offered, “Thank you. May I have another?”


6 responses to “An Employer’s Market

  1. I’m working on 4 months of being unemployed with no prospects in sight. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that nothing happens to you during layoffs.

  2. And my fingers are crossed that you find something soon. Good luck!

  3. The encouraging (silver lining?) thing I’ve heard is people taking the opportunity to go back to school, to change to their dream profession. You only go ’round once. Make it count.


  4. and I woke up this morning, unemployed for the first time after 34-years and a bunch of other local IBMers are or will be next year.

    You could though take a different view on this, instead of sitting back and waiting to find out if you are going to be affected, get started now. I did, I have already signed a contract and am just waiting for visa approval. Make change something that happens FOR you, not something that happens TO you.

    So, I’m available for coffee at Jo’s anytime 😉

  5. @Mark Cathcart: To be fair, you had more of a plan than a layoff!

    I’ve been talking with friends about this and I do agree with you, though. I think the fact Sara has started a blog suggests she does too, though. I expect to see a load of new blogs opening in the next few weeks…

  6. Sorry to hear Mark.

    As Daniel points out, now is a time to try your passion and as you say, time to be proactive, and as Simon says, it seemed like the time to restart blogging.

    And definitely time to go to Jo’s.