Observations Today

At the Gym

I had a friend say to me once how interesting it was that you can look at a baby picture of someone and then at that same kid a few years later and you can see exactly how they got there. The transformation is obvious. But stare as you might at that child, you won’t be able to see where they are going.

And then, without warning, they are where they are going. They are “adults”. In college. No longer a kid. At this point they should know by that age that they are who they are going to be, physically without surgical help, from then until all the horrid old age shit starts to happen. It’s time to lay the foundation for their “grown-up” self if they haven’t already done so.

Yet, so many women don’t take care of themselves in their 20s. They don’t work out or worry about what they eat or drink. It’s easy to lose weight in your 20s. You’re still holding on to some of that spastic metabolism that you had as a kid. (Oh I miss parts of my 20s…. sigh……).

You know how I know this? Intensive market research (insert sarcasm here, I didn’t really do any/much research at all). There are far far fewer 20-somethings at the gym. And I go to lots of gyms and at different times of day. The 20-somethings that do go fall into 2 categories – athletes that are staying fit for their sport and kick ass, and the ones going through the motions, this group sort of sucks.

Mostly there are 30-somethings. Not necessarily athletes, more like women trying to get back in shape. They woke up one day after turning 30 with the harsh reality that something has changed. It’s not drastic, but suddenly they’re gaining weight without any change to your eating, drinking or non-existent exercise regimes. WTF!!!???!?! WHO’S ASS IS THIS???!?!?

Then there are the 40-somethings (and up). There are fewer of us, but we kick ass. And I’m only mostly saying because I am in that group. Really, we do. We’re serious and dedicated and not so much panicked or surprised, we know why we are there and that it is for the long term. We are fighting aging. It is a long and grueling battle.

Oh silly, pretty, thin 20-somethings. Look in the mirror and try to picture yourself at 30, 40, 50… Unlike trying to visualize an 8 year old from a baby picture, you can now see your future. How’s it looking?

Cars (again – one of my favorite topics)

Today, driving home from the gym, a brand new Audi R8 pulls out right next to me. You know, the car Ironman drives. A v10, it sounds beautiful as we pull up together to the red light. You can’t help but look at this $124K car. I mean, come on, it costs more than the median house price in most of the US. And I’m in Austin, TX, not Beverly Hills or Silicon Valley. So, I’m looking.

As the light turns green he effortlessly pulls away and weaves through traffic and around the corner. My 1994 Saab 900 S Convertible (with the top permanently down, without working heat or AC and worth nearly $2K) pulls around the same corner and slows to a stop next to the R8 at the red light. This goes on for a number of lights until he arrives at his destination at the same time that I do.

This is not a tortoise and the hare story. Slow and steady would never win this race. That R8 is going to kick my 900’s ass at everything (but having the top down) all day long. What struck me was that for $122K more, I could have gotten to the same place in the same amount of time looking and sounding like $80K cooler. That guy got totally ripped off!


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